Make Marketing your Main Revenue Driver

We will help you create an efficient SaaS-marketing strategy that increases customer acquisition and grows your customer lifetime value.

Focus on Growth

Depending on where you are in your product life cycle, SaaS marketing helps you validate demand, find product/market fit, position your product or grow your CLV. Brandcrafty’s growth framework includes all 5 steps.


1. Validating demand

We help you understand your target market. We use research and tests to define your USP and minimum lovable product feature set.


2. Creating a growth strategy

Unlike traditional marketing that mainly focuses on customer acquisition, SaaS marketing takes a data-driven approach across the funnel in order to increase intake and CLV.


3. Growing intake

Growing your customer intake with a healthy customer acquisition cost. We use both strategic brand marketing and tactical performance marketing to tackle  growth bottlenecks.


4. Focusing on lifetime value

Long-term success in SaaS includes monitoring the customer journey. We run experiments across every stage of the user journey to increase CLV.


5. Enhancing the customer experience

We dive into details in your customer experience to help you identify development opportunities within your service. 

Growing with

We have had the privilege of working with several awesome companies in Europe. 

Access to our go-to SaaS and Subscription marketing glossary

After having worked for years with subscription businesses we finally put together your go-to subscription and SaaS marketing glossary!


Markus Haakana

Digital Business Manager

Although we always listen to our customers, we are in many ways a traditional manufacturing company with focus on products. Brandcrafty helped us understand and meet our customers’ expectations both in terms of product, service and design. 


Scott Eivers

Chief Growth Officer

Brandcrafty is an excellent digital marketing agency. They excel in design thinking and marketing design. They have been a super partner at evolving our brand and our execution, bringing a unique flavour into what we do.

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