Increase Intake and LTV by Growth Marketing

We use data and experimentation to determine what works with your audience. Our focus is on client retention, achieving brand loyalty and driving profitable growth.


Digital marketing

We implement digital marketing tactics that best fit your goals and budget and take into account where in the buying cycle your customers are.

We run digital campaigns in

LinkedIn, Google, Meta, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok

We carry out regular tests for continuous learning


Content creation

Content creation is the foundation of digital marketing. We generate content for required formats that appeal to your buyer persona.

Our content creation includes:

Creating SEO content

Creating converting advertisements

Creating Authority content (eBooks, video, social, blog, Infographs)

Sharing the content


Tracking & optimising

We use data to calculate ROI of marketing campaigns as well as plan our next growth sprint.

Depending on the goal we measure

Campaign performance


User behaviour on website / app

Email performance


Growing with

We have had the privilege of working with several awesome companies in Europe. 

Brandcrafty Model

Many businesses rely on growth marketing to build long-term success. GM focuses on building lasting customer relationships that fosters brand loyalty and increases the lifetime value of each customer. Understanding the unique motives & preferences of customers is the key to successful growth marketing.


Using data and experimentation

Continuous learning is at the heart of growth marketing. Cooperation starts with setting a baseline for performance and building a testing schedule that aims to improve performance consistently.


Focusing on happy customers

By exceeding customer  expectations you garner repeat purchases and turn existing clients into brand ambassadors. This is a powerful way of attracting new prospects with less effort and expense.


Knowing your audience

Your customers are at the center of your growth. We aim to understand their preferences and use growth techniques to determine what works specifically for them.


Looking at the customer experience

Growth marketing includes monitoring the customer journey. Setting up feedback loops and delighting the customer at every touchpoint are big steps towards long term success.


Looking at details

We dive into details to help you identify development opportunities and determine whether particular marketing tactics are working or not. Key is to set goals and see what is  improving and what’s not within the defined time period.

What our clients say about us

We have had the privilege of working with several awesome companies in Europe. 
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Päivikki Kyykkä

Sales & Marketing Director

It was a pleasure to work with Brandcrafty and felt like we were the same team from the very beginning. Everyone in the team were true experts and challenged us, gave ideas and, of course, delivered what was promised magnificently well.

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Anna Forssell-Martinsson

Project Manager

Brandcrafty’s team helped us to launch our e-com in Finland with great results. Brandcrafty is our strategic partner. They support us with all growth marketing related challenges and we are happy with their expertise.



Sales tripled in one month



Facebook ROAS



x7 sales in less than 6months



Google ROAS

Case: Cafelatte lifestyle

Cafelatte Lifestyle is a lifestyle brand focusing  on women’s clothing, accessories and decor.  The webshop was launched in early 2020 with good sales but growth stagnated  soon after launch. 

We kicked off with creating a social media advertising strategy focusing on  local targeting and time-relevant messaging. Once social media ads were successfully implemented we started Google search advertising which was also grounded in local targeting. To improve conversions we consulted Cafelatte on their website development. We continue optimizing our strategy on every day basis:

  • Social media ads strategy, implementation and optimization 
  • Google ads strategy, implementation and optimization 
  • Website optimization



We are a bunch of industry experts who solve growth challenges by getting our hands dirty. Here you can find our growth marketing gurus!

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