Build a smart Growth Strategy

Unlike traditional marketing that mainly focuses on the first transaction, our SaaS & subscription marketing takes a data-driven approach across the funnel in order to increase intake and customer lifetime value.

Growth Strategy

Depending on where you are in your product life cycle, our SaaS and subscription marketing professionals will help you determine a smart growth strategy. Brandcrafty’s growth framework includes 5 steps. If your strategy is in place, you can always jump straight to our Growth marketing.


1. Setting goals & KPI's

We help you determine both long-term and short-term goals. We also set measurable key performance indicator’s so we know if the goals are met.


2. Determining target groups and ICP's

We help you refine and find your core audiences and ideal customer profiles. Where can we find growth? From existing clients or new target audiences?


3. Building an omni-channel plan

Once setting the goals and understanding your customers we build an omni-channel growth plan. The plan takes into consideration the different stages of customer journey. Our main goal is to increase the customer lifetime value


4. Allocating resources

In order to create a smart and actionable growth plan we take your resourcing into consideration. What elements are better to do in-house and what functions are more efficient to do externally. We help you resource and budget accordingly.


5. Setting analytics

The setup project normally includes keyword analysis, ad account overview and tracking set-up. 

Growing with

We have had the privilege of working with several awesome companies in Europe. 


Successful launch in Finland


Set up

All local digital ad platforms


5 x ROAS

in Google Ads



New email subscribers


Supporting in their market expansion and hitting first sales targets

CHALLENGE: has operated in Sweden for over 30 years, providing pet owners with a wide range of pet supplies. After conquering the Swedish market, quickly turned to their neighbours, Finland, to set up shop. Therefore, finding a partner to guide them through the new market was the core for success.


When our cooperation with started in November, we set out to achieve the ambitious goal of launching their Finnish website before christmas. Not only did we succeed in this objective, but we also combined it with a rigid ad campaign, in which we achieved an audacious 5x ROAS in Google Ads.

What our clients say about us

We have had the privilege of working with several awesome companies in Europe. 

Gosia Kalicka

CEO / Founder

Brandcrafty’s team has an excellent understanding of subscription as a business model as well as great working spirit and attitude. They are the partner you want to have with you in the business growth journey.

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Anna Forssell-Martinsson

Project Manager

Brandcrafty’s team helped us to launch our e-com in Finland with great results. Brandcrafty is our strategic partner. They support us with all growth marketing related challenges and we are happy with their expertise.


We are a bunch of industry experts who solve growth challenges by getting our hands dirty. Here you can find our growth strategy masters!

Martyna Paananen Brandcrafty
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Risto Kauppinen Brandcrafty

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