Setting up Fleetflow ready for scalable growth

Buckle up because we have exciting customer case to share with you! Fleetflow, a rising star in the world of car leasing, sought our expertise to accelerate their journey towards success in Sweden. Join us as we explore how we helped them navigate the path to scalable growth.

Our customer:

Fleetflow is a new player on the Swedish market, and a pioneering provider of flexible car subscription services, catering primarily to businesses seeking eco-friendly solutions, with a strong focus on electric vehicles. Fleetflow’s mission is to streamline car ownership for companies by offering hassle-free, environmentally conscious, and cost-effective options.

The Challenge of getting ready for growth

Fleetflow had initially relied on cold calls and follow-up emails with website links to acquire customers. However, they soon realised the need to rev up their reach and generate more leads through a comprehensive marketing strategy that spanned both online and offline channels. That’s when they reached out to us, recognizing the need for an experienced pit crew to fine-tune their marketing engine. One sunny Wednesday afternoon, we became their pit stop, ready to provide the horsepower they needed to accelerate toward success.
Our partnership with Fleetflow began with a strategic workshop, where we faced the exciting challenge of nurturing a young company that was revving its engines for success but needed to build a solid foundation from scratch. Like a new car fresh off the assembly line, Fleetflow was full of potential, but it needed the right roadmap and fuel to propel itself forward.

Our 8 steps to results:

At the crossroads of opportunity and challenge, Fleetflow reached out for Brandcrafty support. With our power team comprising a Growth Strategist to set clear goals and direction, a Growth Marketing Manager to fine-tune methods and angles, and a Content Specialist to ensure clear and user-friendly communication, we crafted a comprehensive growth marketing plan to set Fleetflow on the path to success.

1. Navigating the Digital Highway:

Our journey began with website optimization. We fine-tuned Fleetflow’s website to ensure it not only roared with style but also spoke directly to their target customers. Incorporating critical keywords into headlines, texts, and meta descriptions, we ensured that Fleetflow’s online presence left a lasting impression.

2. Precision Targeting:

One of the initial hurdles was to crystallise the right audience for Fleetflow’s innovative solution. We embarked on a deep dive into customer profiles, carefully crafting a strategy to identify the most promising segments for initial testing. We honed in on specific industry sectors and company profiles that were primed for car leasing to employees. This precision approach allowed us to set our sights on over 6,000 potential prospects within these industries.

3. Navigating the Decision-Maker Highway:

With our target businesses in sight, our next challenge was determining who should be at the wheel when it came to decision-making. We needed to pinpoint the key individuals responsible for fleet management within target companies. Understanding their pain points and requirements was essential for ensuring a smooth ride toward conversion.

4. Driving Credibility:

Being a very young disruptor in the market, Fleetflow needed to build presence and credibility in the car leasing scene. We have set up the Linkedin page and helped create content focused on boosting company credibility: values, customer cases, employee introductions. We wanted the world to see people who build Fleetflow and what they believe in.

5. Mastering the Art of Paid and Organic Traffic:

In the world of digital marketing, it’s not just about speed; it’s about strategy. We understood the importance of capturing both paid and organic traffic. So, we allocated budgets for both LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads, executing a dynamic 60/40 split. This allowed Fleetflow to cast a wide net, engaging potential clients through multiple channels.

6. The Power of Connection:

But we didn’t stop at paid campaigns. We revved up Fleetflow’s LinkedIn outreach by experimenting with LinkedIn messaging automation. This nifty trick turbocharged their sales team’s networking efforts, ensuring they connected with exactly the right customer segments and booked discovery calls.

7. Smooth Handling of Inbound Traffic:

With a surge of new connections and customer requests pouring in, Fleetflow faced another thrilling challenge. We were more than happy to assist in setting up a seamless Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process. Our consultants collaborated closely with the Fleetflow team to implement a robust CRM system within HubSpot. This allowed them to process, qualify, and prioritise leads effectively, ensuring no opportunity went unexplored.

8. The Data-Driven Road to Success:

We aren’t just executing actions; we’re charting a precise course. With our data-driven approach and dedication to regular testing, our aim was to refine Fleetflow’s marketing efforts. Our objective was to optimise their online presence, resulting in high-quality traffic and conversions.

Our collaboration goes beyond a standard partnership; it’s a synergistic effort focused on assisting Fleetflow in achieving their ambitious objectives. Together, we’ve established a robust marketing foundation, accelerated their growth, expanded their customer base, and made a substantial impact in the dynamic car leasing industry.

We have gone far but there is still a lot of work ahead. With more and more data and learnings gathered on the way, we are continuing our journey towards building a compelling brand story, fueling lead generation, fine-tuning customer digital experience and smoothening the sales process.

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