Your community is your greatest asset

Marketing that delivers profitable long-term relationships and reduces your dependency on paid advertising.


Community strategy

Communications and marketing that makes your community your super power. A community strategy may include plans on how to

Reduce your dependency on paid advertising in sales or recruitment 

Increase customer or employee retention through engagement

Cross sell and upsell 

Give your customer or employee a voice in your direction 


Loyalty program

Use a loyalty program to boost your company’s revenue and engage your customers. We can help you with 

Setting the business objectives 

Drafting the plan for “how it works”

Building the program 

Building the communications plan 

Launching the program 


Execution of community strategy

Need extra hands with bringing your plans to fruitition? 

Let us help you get started! We can help you with

Being your outsourced community guy

Creating a pilot 

Setting things up for you to take over



Newsletter engagement



Traffic from Facebook



Increase in sales



Transaction from Facebook



Strong focus on community

Case: House of Horses Helsinki

Increasing sales by 295% with Facebook Ads and newsletters. 


House of Horses Helsinki is a clothing brand that combines the practicality of horse riding gear with feminine streetwear. In the spring of 2020, the company was looking to grow, and needed help to boost its web shop sales through digital channels.


Brandcrafty created a consistent approach to both newsletters and Facebook Ads, building brand awareness and community engagement over time with regular content and testing.

What our clients say about us

We have had the privilege of working with several awesome companies in Europe. 

Markus Haakana

Digital Business Manager

Although we always listen to our customers, we are in many ways a traditional manufacturing company with focus on products. Brandcrafty helped us understand and meet our customers’ expectations both in terms of product, service and design. 

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Anna Forssell-Martinsson

Project Manager

Brandcrafty’s team helped us to launch our e-com in Finland with great results. Brandcrafty is our strategic partner. They support us with all growth marketing related challenges and we are happy with their expertise.


We are a bunch of industry experts who solve growth challenges by getting our hands dirty. Here you can find our community lovers!

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