64 Clickbait Headlines for You to Steal

They are called headline formulas. Blueprints that never fail. Ultimate CTR winners. Annoying to many interweb savvy creatures but irresistible to most of us. We keep clicking on them, knowing perfectly well what they are, clickbait. It’s no secret that they work, and since they’re out there, why not use them?

There are actually quite a few reasons why not to use them, but let’s not get into that now. As a marketoid I find them interesting, they exploit our curiosity gap, i.e. make us curious enough to want more while still leaving us unsatisfied. The problem with clickbait headlines is usually the content that follows. Click-throughs are generated with the expense of content quality. You don’t have to go that road. Make quality stuff, and use your sensational headlines if you want, just make sure to deliver on your clickbait promise.

So here, as promised, 64 headlines for you to steal. Mind you, I also stole them. Check the sources at the bottom.

  1. The secret of getting [blank]
  2. [Do something] like [world-class example]
  3. Have a [blank] /or Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of
  4. What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]
  5. X Lessons I Learned from [blank]
  6. The Ultimate Guide to [blank]
  7. How to Survive Your First [blank]
  8. What [Group or Celebrity] Can Teach You About [blank]
  9. Behind the Scenes of a [blank]
  10. 9 Out of 10 [Group Members] Can’t/Don’t [blank]. Are You One of Them?
  11. Make Your First [$] Sale in Just [X] Hours (Watch Below to See How!)
  12. Are You Still Wasting Money on [blank] (Without Anything to Show for It?)
  13. People Regularly Pay Me [$] for This Information – But You Can Have it for FREE:
  14. How to Make [$] With Your [blank], Step-by-Step.
  15. How to Permanently Stop Your [problem]. Even if You’ve Tried Everything!
  16. Is [subject] a Scam? Find Out If You’re Putting Your [blank] at Risk
  17. How Your [blank] is Ripping You Off – And What to Do About It Right Now
  18. Recently Downsized/Fired [profession] Reveals the Dirty Little Secrets to [blank]
  19. X Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your [blank]
  20. A little mistake that cost a [target market] [cost] a year
  21. Advice to [target market] who want [results]
  22. Do you suffer from [problem] at [occasion]?
  23. Who ever heard of [target market] having [results] without [objection]
  24. How I improved [problem] without [objection] in just [time]
  25. Discover the [benefits] you get with [results]
  26. Proven: The most effective way to get [results]
  27. How a [something perceived as bad] resulted in [results] and [benefits]
  28. Do you suffer from [problem]?
  29. Do you have these symptoms of [problem]?
  30. Guaranteed to [results] without [objection]
  31. How a new [product] solved my [problem] in just [time]
  32. Which type of [target market] are you? Is it stopping you get [results]?
  33. Does your [problem] ever embarrass you?
  34. To people who want [results] but don’t know where to start
  35. How much is [problem] really costing you?
  36. The right way to solve [problem]
  37. [thousands / hundreds / etc]of [target market] now have [results] will you join them?
  38. For the [target market individual, not plural] who has less [results] than she wants
  39. Suppose this happened to your [business / life / relationship etc]. Would you survive?
  40. Are other [target market] secretly overtaking you?
  41. [X] proven ways to get [results] and [benefits]
  42. Are you ready to have [results] in just [time]?
  43. Get your hands on this system that took one [target market] from [starting results] to [end results] in just [time]
  44. How I got [results] by making this unusual mistake.
  45. Why some [target market] always have / get [results]
  46. You can laugh about [problem] if you follow this simple plan
  47. Five common [problems] faced by [target market] which one do you want to solve?
  48. What [industry experts] do when faced with [problem]
  49. [industry] experts prove that you can have [results] and with this new [product]
  50. Why it’s not your fault you have [problem]. And how to make it disappear in just [time]
  51. Why [target market] are raving about this [blank]. ([Results] is just one of the reasons)
  52. For just [cost] a day you can have [results] and [benefits] in [time]
  53. To [target market] who want [results] by [time]
  54. This new [product] will get you [benefits] galore
  55. The secrets of [target markets] that always get [results]
  56. What the [industry] experts don’t want you to know about solving [problem]
  57. Why do some [target market] have more [benefits] than others? The answer might surprise you
  58. Who Else Wants [results]?
  59. The Secret of [blank]
  60. Here is a Method That is Helping [blank] to [blank]
  61. Little Known Ways to [blank]
  62. Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All
  63. Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem]
  64. Now You Can Have [something desirable] [great circumstance]

There. While effective in viral marketing, beware of the backlash when using clickbait headlines. People don’t like spammy content and that one click might just be the last one you ever got from them. The use of headlines like these has also led to Facebook taking measures to reduce the impact of clickbait on its social network since 2014. So, in summary, create quality stuff that people want to read.


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